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InuYasha Movie 2:
The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass

Platform: Movie
Publisher: Sunrise
Year Created: 2002
Reviewer: Sledgstone

This movie begins with the death of Naraku. Miroku's windtunnel vanishes, Songo's brother Kohaku regains control of himself, and Kagura's heart returns to her. Although Naraku's influence is gone, his incarnations are not yet free. A Tennyo named Kaguya has appeared in Kanna's mirror and has some tasks for them to accomplish.

Long ago, Miroku's grandfather imprisoned Kaguya to prevent her from destroying the world. Five artifacts were used to create the seal and those five artifacts are what Kagura & Kanna are seeking.

After the seal is broken Kaguya captures Kagome and offers InuYasha a servants position and his full demon form. Not much time is given to InuYasha and Kaguya unleashes her power to stop the flow of time throughout the world. Thankfully Kagome and the others are not affected due to the fact they all have bandages from Kagomes world that, to their surprise, acted as time barriers. Now it is up to InuYasha, Miroku, Shippo, Songo and Kirara to rescue Kagome and save the world.

Just as the battle seems hopeless, Kohaku's back begins to form the mark of Naraku.. Soon Naraku makes his full return and begins his attempt to absorb the Tennyo and gain her powers. Kohaku is lost to them again and Miroku's windtunnel reappears. Naraku informs them that he played them all for fools and planned on making himself into a perfect form.

Excellent animation and sound quality along with action packed battles makes this movie a must watch for all InuYasha fans.