InuYasha and the sacred jewelHey! What is this?

You should shut up and let me protect youJust waiting for the jewel

Name: Inu Yasha
Age: He looks about 15 when Kikyo bound him to the tree 50 years ago
Race: Hanyou; human mother, dog demon father
Class: Warrior
Weapon: Claws, blood and Tetsusaiga
Occupation: Kagome’s protector
From: Feudal Japan

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Inu Yasha is the son of the Lord of the Western Lands, a powerful dog demon, and a human woman. Both of his parents are deceased and Inu Yasha carries the way to his fathers toumb in a pearl in his right eye. Inu Yasha has a half brother, the full demon Lord Sesshomaru.

Fifty years ago Inu Yasha sought the Shikon no Tama. He had intended to use its power to become a full demon. The priestess Kikyo charged with the care of the jewel had no trouble keeping it out of the hands of demons. In time, Inu Yasha and Kikyo fell deeply in love. She told him that if he used the jewel to become all human, the jewel would likely cease to exisist and she would be free to live as a normal woman. The demon Naraku intervened and turned Kikyo and Inu Yasha against each other to taint the jewel with malice. Before Kikyo died, she shot Inu Yasha with a sacred arrow and bound him to a tree. Inu Yasha “died” and was revived when Kagome pulled out Kikyo’s binding arrow 50 years later.

The revived Inu Yasha wants the sacred jewel to become a full demon and rid himself of his human side once and for all. He attacks Kagome for the jewel, but Kaede binds him with a spell quickly and Kagome subjugates him with a “Sit Boy!”. Not willing to give up on the jewel, Inu Yasha sticks around. He finds out Kagome is Kikyo reincarnated and she has the power to purify the jewel. When she shatters the jewel Inu Yasha is furious, but he goes with her to collect the shards. Inu Yasha becomes her protector as they hunt for the shards.