Kagome and the Jewel

In the forest of InuYashabecause I look like Kikyo

The jewel is freedthe shards

Name: Kagome Higurashi
Age: 15
Race: Human
Class: Miko (Priestess)
Weapon: Bow and Sacred Arrows
Occupation: Student
From: Modern day Tokyo

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Kagome is the granddaughter of the keeper of Higurashi shrine in the modern era .She lives with her mother, grandfather, and her brother Sota at the shrine in Tokyo. Kagome had a normal life up until her 15th birthday. While looking for the family cat, Kagome and Sota venture into the building that covers the Bone Eaters Well. At the bottom of the well Kagome can see the bones of what she belives is a long dead demon. As they are readying to leave for school, the centipede demon in the well returns to life and grabs Kagome. She is dragged down the Bone Eaters Well and transported to feudal Japan. There she learns that she is the reincarnation of the priestess Kikyo whose duty it was to protect the Jewel of Four Souls, the Shikon no Tama. She discovers Inuyasha bound to a tree, the same tree that grows in the middle of Higurashi Shrine. She frees him from Kikyo’s spell and Inuyasha destroys Mistress Centepede, but not before the demon rips the Shikon no Tama from Kagome’s body.

The real adventure begins for Kagome when she accidentally shatters the sacred jewel when she destroys a demon trying to escape with it. Kagome has the power to see and to purify the shards of the Shikon jewel.