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InuYasha appears
InuYasha appears

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InuYasha Episode 2:
Seekers of the Sacred Jewel

Platform: Series
Publisher: Sunrise
Episode Summary: Ladywriter

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Kagome realizes that Inu Yasha is no hero as he comes after her for the Jewel. She runs from him, narrowly dodging his attacks. Keade uses her power secures a string of prayer beads around Inu Yasha’s neck as he chases after Kagome. Keade tells Kagome to use the word of subjugation and Inu Yasha will become powerless. Kagome chooses “Sit Boy!” Inu Yasha is driven to the ground by the powers of his new necklace and Kagome is safe.

Kagome and Inu Yasha return to Keade’s hut with her. Inu Yasha insists that he’s just waiting for Kagome to give him the jewel. Keade informs Inu Yasha that Kikyo died after binding him to the tree. She tells them she believes Kagome is Kikyo re-incarnated.

The next morning, Kagome tries to make her way back to the Bone Eaters Well and is ambushed by bandits. She is taken to their hide out and their boss demands she give him the sacred jewel. The bandits soon realize that their leader is not himself and they turn to Kagome to lead them safely away. She instructs the bandits to break out a wall so they can escape. The boss corners Kagome and raises his sword. Inu Yasha shows up just in time to keep Kagome from being sliced in half.

Inu Yasha drives out the carrion crow that had made a nest in the boss’ heart cavity. The bird flees and finds the sacred jewel lying on the ground. It picks it up, takes off with it, and then swallows it. The crow grows huge and makes a pass over Keade’s village. The crow grabs a little boy who plunges into the river when Inu Yasha attacks the demon and shreds it. Kagome dives in after the little boy and rescues him from drowning. The pieces of the crow all come back together and the demon tries to escape. One of the crows feet is still attached to the boy it meant to have as a meal. Kagome borrows a bow and arrow from a bystander and ties the foot to the arrow. The foot draws the arrow to the bird and there is an explosion.

Later, Kagome and Inu Yasha are looking for the jewel, assuming it fell near the village. To their distress, they find one shard. The jewel has been shattered and scattered.

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