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Enjoying the fight
Enjoying the fight

Yura with the comb

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InuYasha Episode 4:
Yura of the Demon Hair

Platform: Series
Publisher: Sunrise
Episode Summary: Ladywriter

Kagome is home after being missing for three days. Mom has a hard time swallowing Kagome’s story, but grandpa and Sota believe her. As a precaution, grandpa covers the well and seals it. Kagome is happy to be home and decides to put her adventures in feudal Japan behind her. Back in the feudal era, Inu Yasha goes looking for Kagome. He finds her clothes by the well and jumps in after her. Inu Yasha busts in just as the family is sitting down to dinner. Mom and Sota get quite excited about his ears, but Kagome notices a hair on his arm. They follow the hair back to the well where Kagome sees lots of hair coming out of the well. Inu Yasha still can’t see the hair so Kagome cuts her hand with the main line so he can slash through it.

Kagome figures Yura is after her and Inu Yasha and tells him they must go back. He covers her with his kimono, the Robe of the Fire Rat which will give her some protection. They return to the feudal era and follow the hair back to Yura’s hiding place. Yura ensnares Inu Yasha in her hair and attacks him with her sword. When Kagome interferes, Yura turned her attack on Kagome. She tries to burn her to death, but Inu Yasha’s kimono protects her from the flames. Kagome fires an arrow at Yura’s lair and the giant hairball starts to come apart. Yura attacks Kagome with her sword, but the robe of the fire rat protects her again. Inu Yasha attacks Yura again while Kagome goes after the red skull she saw in the hair. As Inu Yasha and Yura fight over the jewel shard Kagome destroys the comb with an arrow. Yura fades away to nothing leaving her clothes and the pouch with the jewel shard inside. After they get the shard, Inu Yasha calls Kagome by name for the first time.

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