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gettin his ass kicked ne?
gettin his ass kicked ne?

Smug Brothers

Inuyasha and Hitenat the end of the Thunker Pike

losing a brotherReady to blast

InuYasha Episode 10:
Phantom Showdown: The Thunder Brothers vs. Tetsusaiga

Platform: Series
Publisher: Sunrise
Episode Summary: Ladywriter

Inu Yasha battles it out with the elder of the Thunder Brothers, Hiten. While theyíre fighting below, the other Thunder Brother, Maten, prepares to blast Inu Yasha from above. Before he can fire the blast, Kagome pushes him from the cloud. He hits the ground hard and is dazed for a minute. As a result, the cloud Kagome is sitting on disperses and she falls. Luckily she lands on Maten. Just as Kagome starts to think she might be alright, Maten wakes up and comes after her. Shippo intercedes using his fox magic top and they flee. The top has taken its toll on Matenís last few hairs and he is furious. Kagome and Shippo try to hide while dodging Matenís lightning blasts.

Kagome and Shippo concoct a plan to get the arrow still in Matenís nose, but Maten swats Shippo away and grabs Kagome by the throat. Meanwhile Hiten has knocked the Tetsusaiga away and Inu Yasha finds himself at the receiving end of the thunder pike. The demon brothers seem to be enjoying torturing their prey until Inu Yasha makes a bold move for his sword. He throws it, missing Hiten and impaling Maten. Hiten is enraged and blasts Kagome and Shippo away from his dieing brother. Maten dies in Hitenís arms and Hiten takes his jewel shards giving him five shards all together.

Hiten and Inu Yasha begin fighting again and Hiten is much stronger. The flea advises Inu Yasha to use the sheath of Tetsusaiga to ward off the lightning blasts. As they fight, Kagome gets the idea to shoot the wheels at Hitenís feet to prevent him from flying as Inu Yasha is tiring. Shippo transforms into a bow and Kagomeís arrow hits the mark. With Hiten grounded, Inu Yasha grabs the thunder pike and punches Hiten in the face sending him flying.

Hiten decides its time to self destruct and take the half demon with him. Shippo and Kagome make a break for Tetsusaiga to get it to Inu Yasha, but Hiten has acquired his brotherís powers as well and fires off a lightning blast at the two. Inu Yasha and Myoga presume that they are dead and just as Inu Yasha is about to lose the fight, the sheath summons the sword. With Tetsusaiga in hand, Inu Yasha slays Hiten.

Kagome and Shippo appear in a whirl of fox fire generated by Shippoís father. It had protected them from Hitenís energy blast. Thinking they are the souls of the dead come to say good bye, Inu Yasha yells for Kagome not to leave him. After the fox fire disperses, Inu Yasha realizes theyíre still alive and is ready to hurt Myoga for allowing him to think Kagome was dead.

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