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running away from demons
running away from demons

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InuYasha Episode 9:
Shippo and the Thunder Brothers

Platform: Series
Publisher: Sunrise
Episode Summary: Ladywriter

Kagome impesses Inu Yasha with a three minute cup of soup and tells Myoga that in her time man has been to the moon. Their lunch is interrupted by a blue swirling light in the sky from a fox demon. The demon materializes as a giant pink ball. He demands the jewel shards and bites Inu Yasha’s head. Inu Yasha swats him away and Shippo materializes. Inu Yasha hauls him up by the tail and Kagome wants to touch him next.

While Kagome treats Shippo’s wounds, inflicted by Inu Yasha, he tells them that his father had a shard of the jewel, but he was killed by the Thunder Brothers and the shard was stolen. Shippo tricks Inu Yasha using his fox magic and swipes their shards. Shippo runs off and Kagome gives chase.

They accidentally encounter Maten, younger and uglier of the Thunder Brothers. Kagome shoots him through the nose and shoots off the hairs off the top of his head. Furious at losing his last hairs, Maten unleashes a lightning blast from his mouth. Shippo escapes, but Kagome is kidnapped by Maten to be used as an ingredient in his hair growing tonic. Reluctantly Shippo frees Inu Yasha to help him rescue Kagome. Kagome is taken to the thunder brother’s lair. To avoid being boiled alive she convinces Maten and his older brother Hiten to find her “lover” Inu Yasha and trade her for their shards of the scared jewel. The Thunder Brothers already have five and Hiten is greedy for more. The brothers take Kagome and go find Inu Yasha and Shippo. It’s clear to Hiten that the hanyou does indeed have jewel shards and he attacks with his Thunder Pike. The battle begins.

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