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he broke my sword!
he broke my sword!


This isnt something to eatthe jewel shard glows

Captured PrincessKagome and Nobunaga's monkey

InuYasha Episode 8:
The Toad Who Would Be Prince

Platform: Series
Publisher: Sunrise
Episode Summary: Ladywriter

Kagome takes advantage of a nice warm day and goes swimming. While she’s in the water her clothes are stolen by a blur of white. It turns out to be a monkey owned by a guy named Nobunaga. Nobunaga had sent the monkey in search of food, but he comes back with Kagome’s clothes and Inu Yasha and Kagome on his heels. Kagome gives Nobunaga some potato chips and they talk briefly. They tail Nobunaga to a village where women are going up to the castle, but never coming back home. They fear the lord is possessed by a demon.

Inu Yasha, Kagome and Nobunaga infiltrate the castle. They find the people inside under a sleep spell. Nobunaga tears though the castle until he finds his princess. Myoga wakes her with a bite. The noise they made alerts the lord to their presence and he comes to confront the intruders. Inu Yasha attacks him slashing away bandages and revealing his identity. He is a demon toad. The demon uses poison spray and stabs Nobunaga with his tongue. He grabs the princess and retreats to his lair. Within the lair the women of the village are trapped inside eggs. The toad demon eats their souls to regenerate.

After a brief awakening of the lord inside when the demon is knocked out, Nobunaga will not let Inu Yasha slay the demon because he would be killing the lord too. Nobunaga is injured again by the demon. Kagome and the princess run from the demon. Cornered, Kagome uses hair spray and a small flame to burn the toad prince and drive the demon out. Inu Yasha slays the toad and recovers the jewel shard. The lord of the manner is restored to normal and reunited with the princess. The clumsy Nobunaga stumbles off into history.

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