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InuYasha Episode 5:
Aristocratic Assassin, Sesshomaru

Platform: Series
Publisher: Sunrise
Episode Summary: Ladywriter

Sesshomaru and his loyal servant, Jaken use the staff of the skulls to find Inu Yasha’s fathers resting place; but the remains are not there. Sesshomaru kills most of the guard dogs, but Myoga the flea manages to escape on one. Kagome returns to the feudal era bringing her bike and a first aid kit. She tries to get Inu Yasha to remove his shirt so that she can attend to the wound in his chest and they scuffle. Keade discovers them in a compromising position. Myoga finds Master Inu Yasha and tells him someone is after his father’s tomb. They return to Keade’s and when Myoga brings up Inu Yasha’s mother the hanyou steps on him and storms out.

Kagome goes after Inu Yasha and finds him in his tree. She wants to talk to him about his mother, but before she has the chance Inu Yasha flattens her to the ground. He senses something coming. A carriage appears in the sky bearing Inu Yasha’s mother inside. From hammer space a giant hand appears and crushes the carriage, grabbing Inu Yasha’s mother. The hand belongs to the huge demon Sesshomaru and Jaken are riding on. Sesshomaru calls Inu Yasha “little brother”. Jaken tells Inu Yasha Sesshomaru has revived his mother. Inu Yasha attacks the demon to save his mom, slicing the things hand off. As the demon moves in to attack Inu Yasha’s mother creates a barrier and teleports them to the border lands, the world between the living world and spirit world.

Inu Yasha and his mother talk alone. He was “still a kid” when she died and it was so long ago that he forgot she was dead; this indicates Inu Yasha is older then we are lead to believe. Kagome wakes, but cant move or speak. She sees Inu Yasha and his mother and their reflection in the water. Only in the reflection, Inu Yasha’s mother has no face. Sesshomaru tells Jaken that if his plan doesn’t work, he will kill him.