the monk's powerit still hurts

Sango and MirokuMiroku will be fine

Name: Miroku
Age: 18ish
Race: Human
Class: No ordinary monk
Weapon: Staff, Sutras, Kazaana (Wind Tunnel)
Occupation: Monk on a mission
From: Feudal Japan

50 years ago the demon Naraku placed a generational curse on Mirokuís grandfather, a black hole in his right hand. Every year the hole in his hand grows larger. Miroku is on a quest to find Naraku and kill him before the hole in his hand sucks him in as it did to his father and grandfather before him.

Miroku is no ordinary monk. He has strong spiritual power and uses the black hole in his hand as a weapon. He frequently asks the young women he meets in his travels to bare him a son, so that if the Kazaana consumes him before he kills Naraku his son can take up where he left off. That and heís a letcher.